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​U.S.  Immigration law allows for the immigration of foreigners to the United States based on relationship to a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident (green card holder). U.S. citizens may sponsor their spouses, parents, children, and siblings. Legal permanent residents may petition for their spouses and children. The sponsored relative becomes eligible to have his or her immigrant visa or Green Card application processed only if the visa petition is approved.

Similarly, foreign nationals may obtain permanent residence under certain conditions, including, if they are able to establish that they have unique skills, or are being offered a job in the United States that will not displace a U.S. worker or have an adverse effect on the wages and working conditions of U.S. workers.

We offer services relating to Family based Petitions, working with spouses, parents, sons and daughters in petitioning for the immigration status or visa of a family member in the United States as well as Employment based Petitions.

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